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I’m worried my child will act out during therapy sessions and mistreat the therapist. Is it okay to bring them anyway?

If your child needs help, we want to help them!
We believe that each child has unique gifts they can use to impact the world in positive and meaningful ways, but some children need to learn new ways of interacting with the world around them before they can reach their full potential.
The children who most need our help are often children who display behavior that other people feel is terrible. We don’t see things the same way others do.
We work with children with all sorts of challenges. Some of them wipe their noses on their therapist. It’s okay! Some of them puke in our laps. It’s okay!
We’re used to unusual struggles; it’s part of our job. We love our clients and their families, and we want to help them regardless of their difficulties.

I’m not sure my child needs therapy right now. Will it hurt to wait until they’re older?

It might be okay to wait, but if your child really does need therapy, it’s best to start as soon as possible.

As a child grows, development slows, so progress with the aid of therapy gets slower too. The earlier they get the help they need, the earlier we can create new neural pathways and new ideas.

Children will always be developing skills and finding new ways to overcome challenges. If we can catch them before they learn bad ways of doing things, it is much easier to teach them good ways of doing things.

My child doesn’t need help. Everyone has challenges and needs to learn to overcome them. Why should I pay someone to fix something that isn’t broken?

We don’t see your child as something that’s broken; we see them as someone who has a different way of coping with the world. That’s okay! Differences are good.
But, when those differences cause anxiety and/or stress for the child or their family, that stress can cause unnecessary pain and damage. It can make their struggles, now, and in the future, difficult enough to keep them from becoming the best version of themselves. We all have challenges, and when someone else has knowledge or tools that can help ease our burdens, it’s okay to ask for help. Asking for help is a sign of courage and wisdom, not a sign of weakness.


I’ve heard that therapy is expensive. How can I afford the help my child needs?

Many insurance companies will help pay for therapy if it is recommended by your child’s doctor.

Our friendly staff members are happy to contact your child’s doctor to request a referral, or you can speak with your doctor directly.

JungleJym Academy accepts Medicaid and most major insurances. Reach out to us, and we can help you understand how to get started.

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